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morriganscrow's Journal

25 January 1960
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My daughter told me about deleterius. I'm an ex-nurse, now an invalid pensioner, only child, only have one child, am happily divorced, am the property and chew-toy of 5 cats, and am using lots of commas just for the heck of it.
I'm 48, of Anglo-Irish descent, with dark hair, hazel eyes. I am an Aquarian, a practicing Celtic Shaman, and I teach Tarot and similar disciplines as well as do professional readings.
I'm a poet, and my work can be found at deviantART.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Grace Lady Jane the Insubstantial of Wimblish upon Frognaze
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The High Priestess


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The Fool


The World


The Hermit


The Hanged Man


The Devil




The Hierophant


The Moon


On the twelfth day of Christmas, morriganscrow sent to me...
Twelve tigers drumming
Eleven vampires writing
Ten druids a-listening
Nine cats cooking
Eight wolves a-roleplaying
Seven dragons a-sporking
Six squickalicious a-reading
Five do-o-o-ouglas adams
Four star wars
Three gay rights
Two mary sues
...and a trogdor in a merry gentry.
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In 2008, morriganscrow resolves to...
Give up writing.
Lose ten insults by March.
Go roleplaying three times a week.
Apply for a new supernatural.
Ask my boss for a manga.
Start a bitchiwitch fund.
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In July I pushed reenie72 in the mud (-17 points). In October I turned aisling_iontas in for farting in church (3 points). In September I bought porn for seraphtrevs (-10 points). Last month I bought porn for das_mervin (10 points). Last week I put gum in halflight007's hair (-12 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-26 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


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I am a d12

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45 arrogance, 150 compassion, 50 sexuality, 210 trust

Confident without being arrogant, compassionate without being naive, Nightcrawler is the most mellow, well-adjusted X-Man ever. He balances a healthy love life with a high level of professionalism.

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I was Harry Potter at the Harry Potter character quiz @ Crazylicious.com

i'm in ravenclaw!

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The sorting hat says that I belong in Ravenclaw!

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Twinkydink(Twinky Points): Well, your test shows that you are mad about gay things. While the majority of people in this house tend to be male, we still get a few lesbians who preferred to be here. This house is decorated in rainbow colors, has all the things that gay people getting it on will need with a spa and sauna to boot. Welcome to this house of Queers.

Twatrot(Twat points): Skanks, hoes, slags, bitches,big mama's and so on who just can't close their legs are welcome here. When they say 'take one for the team,' you simply take it a bit further. Cock, twat, toys and anything else you can think of have all been exposed to your personal region at some point. There is nothing you'd do to get your kicks (as well as give someone theirs.) Your house comes with everything you could need. Welcome to twatrot.

Megacest(Family points): Welcome to the family home.... literally. In here, you will find any combination of family members jumping one another. While the most of you are probably in here because you have a major thing for twins, some of you have pictured someone else's family members going for each other because they were all so hot. Don't take your new home offensively, because it is a great honor to be elected for this house. Not many people get in, so make it count.

Squickalicious(Squick points): Creative imagination and serious turn-ons that general boinking just won't satisfy. Bring on the leather, bodily fluids and other weird and wonderful things to get you going all the way. Who needs sexuality? You've got your whip and someone will do what you say, or else you'll be on all fours... you get the general idea. The most disgusting, but strangely creative house of them all, welcome to the Squickilicious House.

Now then, you know where you stand. Some of you probably more shocked than you'd expect. We have a lot of fun here, so come on by and say hello, read some badfics and be amazed, horrified or even turned on (if you're as strange as we are) and enjoy the show! TO ALL MEMBERS: Please remember to respond to the entry with your result. Just the house name will do!

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